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Snellius wants to make it easier to connect companies and students who are looking for interns and internships respectively. Below you can find a number of interesting internship topics. If you are interested in them, send an email to and we will then put you in touch with the company.

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Standardized Geodetic Calculation Engine
Internship at Fugro
Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice, they unlock insights from Geo-data to help their clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. You can read more about S&T by clicking on the button. For further information contact Snellius at
Internship, Thesis and Job
Internship/Thesis Research at CGI
For intern we offer many interesting topics in a collaboration with the educational institute, yourself and CGI. This has to be an internship or a thesis at or near the end of your study. Please reach to the CGI people around you to ask more about this or contact the person in the side bar. We work on many innovations with 3D, point clouds, object recognition, 3D data stores, geo analytics and positioning solutions. Since 2016 CGI had twelve Geo master students doing internships or master thesis projects and 4 group projects. More than 10 of those joined CGI as employee afterwards.
Dynamic Internship- and Thesis positions in delft (NL & EN)
Opportunities at SkyGeo
SkyGeo is a space 2.0 company: we specialize in downstream Earth Observation (EO) applications. SkyGeo is part of a small segment of companies that develop new applications with the use of radar satellite data; our basic service consists of worldwide (near real-time) measurement of the deformation of the earth's surface. The information we provide is used by our customers to make the right decisions and implement long-term investment- and policy-plans. Read more about SkyGeo and the possibilities by clicking the button below.
Drone-borne remote sensing in agriculture at VanBoven
Internship at VanBoven
VanBoven is a Dutch AgTech startup in The Hague founded in 2018 by TU Delft and Wageningen University alumni. VanBoven provides arable farmers with “drones-as-a-service”: an easy way to use drones and collect crop data. They have several internship subjects available with regards to: Automatic classification of crops and weeds; Tracking individual objects through time-series data; Accurately geo-referencing drone-imagery. You can read more about VanBoven by clicking on the button. For further information contact Snellius at
Internship at S&T
S[&]T grew from a handful of optimists into a professional organization with offices in 3 countries (the Netherlands, Norway and Italy), of more than 125 dedicated (scientific) coders, engineers, developers and organizers. Under the umbrella of the "corporation", our two major parts are the S[&]T Innovation centre and the S[&]T Experts Pool. You can read more about S&T by clicking on the button. For further information contact Snellius at