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Dynamic Internship- and Thesis positions in delft (NL & EN)
Opportunities at SkyGeo
SkyGeo is a space 2.0 company: we specialize in downstream Earth Observation (EO) applications. SkyGeo is part of a small segment of companies that develop new applications with the use of radar satellite data; our basic service consists of worldwide (near real-time) measurement of the deformation of the earth's surface. The information we provide is used by our customers to make the right decisions and implement long-term investment- and policy-plans. Read more about SkyGeo and the possibilities by clicking the button below.
PPK technology in the drone
Internship/Thesis Research at CGI
Pointclouds of rail infrastructure, captured with drones and photogrammetry, can now give us a potential accuracy of 15mm. That is nice but still we need a lot of ground control points to do so. That is time consuming, not very flexible and presents some dangers of working next to rail. So we are interested in the use of PPK technology in the drones, how can we prevent the usage of GCP’s and keep the required accuracy good enough. This research will contain some field work with the drones.
improve the location of the whole train (from front to back) on the track by using the fixed infrastructure
Internship/Thesis Research at CGI
Track and trace of trains is becoming more and more important. We want to model moving trains on the rail tracks. The GNSS receiver has a certain accuracy and a fixed position on the train. But a train can move in 2 directions. How can we improve the location of the whole train (from front to back) on the track by using the fixed infrastructure as a correcting factor on the positioning and by showing the train not as a straight line but more like the “snake” it really is.
Build a sensor fusion model of GNSS and more static sensors
Internship/Thesis Research at CGI
Please read the internship above first. Now think of a freight train. Only the locomotive has a GNSS receiver. But we want to know the exact location of every wagon in the train, when mobile and when stationary. We will need to build a sensor fusion model of GNSS and more static sensors like RFID and binary sensor in switches/wheel counters in the track. So we will combine the different data into an integral digital freight train, again from front to back, but when stationary wagon can have a single location on a shunting yard, when the locomotive has been detached from the wagon. Also that location is important. This model will be not only sensor fusion but also contain a lot of logical parts.
Drone-borne remote sensing in agriculture at VanBoven
Internship at VanBoven
VanBoven is a Dutch AgTech startup in The Hague founded in 2018 by TU Delft and Wageningen University alumni. VanBoven provides arable farmers with “drones-as-a-service”: an easy way to use drones and collect crop data. They have several internship subjects available with regards to: Automatic classification of crops and weeds; Tracking individual objects through time-series data; Accurately geo-referencing drone-imagery. You can read more about VanBoven by clicking on the button. For further information contact Snellius at