CIE4602 Ice, snow and climate change

CIE4602 – Ice, snow and climate change – Quarter 3  – 4 ECTS

Short description: This course is suitable for students with an interest the phenomena occurring in glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic region. Both theoretical and modelling parts are discussed throughout the lecture series. Teaching is done with lectures and assignments and a written exam is given at the end of the course. The course is taught by Miren Vizcaino and some guest lecturers.

Personal experience of Robbert Bormans – 2016

The whole course is given by Miren, but she sometimes invites a guest speaker. In our case, there were two guest speakers throughout the course. The course gives a very broad view of glaciers, the Arctic and Antarctic region. Besides the more theoretical explanation of different phenomena occurring, there is also a quite large part on the modelling of (surface) mass balance and especially about the calculation of these models.

There were 2 assignments: one on glacial retreat (QGIS) and the other on estimating the effects of different parameters by testing it on a model. Note: This year was the first year that this course was lectured in this set-up. It is highly likely that the set-up will be adjusted (think about assignments and structure)