CIE4610 Mass transport

CIE4610 – Mass transport – Q4 – 4 ECTS
Taught by: Pavel Ditmar + guest lecturers

Mass transport is an interesting course on the observations and conclusions of the mass transport on Earth mostly based on data obtained from the GRACE mission. This course will learn you about the models behind the results and will let you think on the drawbacks and conclusions you can draw from the obtained results. Accuracy of the results is also an important topic. At the end of the course there are a few guest lectures on various applications of the GRACE mission.

This course has 5 assignments which will build up to a relatively big model in the last assignment. You will need this model for the paper you will write in the end of the course. Except for this paper and the assignments, the total grade is also based on a presentation at the end of the course. There is NO exam for this course.