CIE4605 Atmospheric science

CIE4605 – Atmospheric science – Quarter 3 – 4 ECTS

Short description: This course is suitable for students with an interest the phenomena occurring in the atmosphere and the modelling of these phenomena. Thermodynamics, convection, radiation and the boundary layer are discussed, as well as large scale circulation, cumulus convection and microphysics.  Teaching is done with lectures and assignments and a written exam is given at the end of the course. The course is taught by Stephan de Roode and Pier Siebesma.

Personal experience of Robbert Bormans – 2016

Stephan starts the course with, three weeks of lectures that, focus on atmospheric thermodynamics, convection and radiation and eventually the boundary layer.

Pier talks about large scale circulation, cumulus convection and cloud micro-physics. As a last subject, feedbacks and forcers are discussed as a consequences of climate change.

There are four graded assignments for this course (and two non-graded assignments for Stephans part). The first and only graded assignment of Stephans part is about programming a little mixed boundary layer and making conclusions via this model.

For Piers part, there is a graded assignment every week. These are less about programming but more about drawing conclusions from the results you get from the (mostly) pre-made codes.

It was an interesting course, some parts are better explained than others. Certainly goes into depth and is a very nice follow-up of Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere (Atmosphere part) of the first quarter.