Category: Atmosphere

Category: Atmosphere

CIE4608 Atmospheric Observation

CIE4608 – Atmospheric observation  – Q4 – 4 ECT
Taught by: Christine Unal, Tim Vlemmix, Pieternel Levelt, Dave Donovan

This course has a variety of subjects. The part of Christine is the largest subject of the course and mainly focuses on radar observations where Dave’s part is focusing on lidar observations. The part of Tim is about air quality and how to obtain it. It has a strong overlap with the subject covered in CIE4606 – Simulation and visualization. Pieternel Levelt also give two lectures about the satellite mission in which she is greatly involved.

The course exists of 3 three assignments (30% of total grade) (on radar observations, air quality and lidar observations) and 5 (small) homework assignments which are graded but hardly have influence with 7% on the total grade. The other 63% of the total grade are based on the exam.

CIE4605 Atmospheric science

CIE4605 – Atmospheric science – Quarter 3 – 4 ECTS

Short description: This course is suitable for students with an interest the phenomena occurring in the atmosphere and the modelling of these phenomena. Thermodynamics, convection, radiation and the boundary layer are discussed, as well as large scale circulation, cumulus convection and microphysics.  Teaching is done with lectures and assignments and a written exam is given at the end of the course. The course is taught by Stephan de Roode and Pier Siebesma.

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