PhD postions

Here, you can find PhD positions that are proposed by GRS faculty members. You can have a look around to get inspired or contact the teacher. Please let us know if you will do a project of this list or if you have (heard about) new PhD positions to put on this page!

Faculty: Aerospace Engineering/ Space engineering

Altimetry and Sea state

An new PhD position opened up regarding Altimetry and sea state at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering/ Space engineering. Would you be interested, then you can read the full job description here or contact  Assistant Professor M.C. Naeije by :

Faculty: Civil Engineering and Geo-science

State and fate of Antartica's gatekeepers: A high-resolution approach for ice shelf instability (HIRISE)

We are looking for four PhD students to work on the HiRISE project, which focuses on high-resolution remote sensing and modellimg approach for assessinf ice shelf instability across Antarctica.

Mass loss from the Antarctic Ice Sheet is the largest uncertainty in current sea level rise projections and this uncertainty is largely related to the response of ice shelves. Ice shelves are the gatekeepers of Antarctica as they buttress the contribution of grounded ice to sea level rise. Although several processes have been identified that are key for future ice shelf instability and retreat, assessing how much, how fast ice shelf instability will contribute to future sea level rise remains a major uncertainty. This uncertainty is mainly the result of our limited quantitative understanding of many of the processes that control ice shelf instability.

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