The visual power of Geo-ICT, from 2D to 5D

A 5D model of the railway in the Netherlands. The Digital Twin of an entire city. Monitoring the heat island effect from space. Insight into the geometric, topological, and schematic representation of the electricity network to accelerate the energy transition. They tell us more about the real world than the real world itself. Especially if these views contain detailed data. It is not without reason that the dynamic and complex Geographic Information Systems that we develop and maintain are among the critical core systems of our customers. Do geographic data, programming, services, and interfaces make your heartbeat faster? Do you have the technological know-how and geographical skills to enrich our Geo-ICT Practice? Then get acquainted with CGI and take the next step in your career.

CGI works with government agencies and commercial clients, developing applications that touch the daily lives of millions of people. The software engineers and other professionals from our Geo-ICT Practice play a crucial role in this. We are looking for best-of-class experts who dare to take the initiative and do not hold back their development. You can use your knowledge and skills in many ways at our Geo-ICT Practice. Whether it is for the energy sector or in the field of infrastructure, whether it concerns asset management or the accessibility of the city: the visual power of Geographic data is valuable everywhere.

By collaborating with colleagues, intensive customer contact and attending master classes, courses, and training, you will enrich your knowledge and skills again and again. Whether it concerns Esri ArcGIS, Smallworld, Java (scripting), Python, Scrum, .NET or, for example, leadership competencies or knowledge of specific market areas: CGI will help you move forward.

06-GPS is al meer dan 20 jaar in Nederland dé dienstverlener op het gebied van nauwkeurige satelliet-plaatsbepaling en -navigatie. 06-GPS beschikt over een gecertificeerde GNSS-correctiedienst. Bovendien biedt 06-GPS meerwaarde in (merk-) onafhankelijke klantenondersteuning, uitgebreide kennis en kwalitatief maatwerk. Onze ervaringen bevinden zich op alle toepassingsgebieden van de nauwkeurige plaatsbepaling met GNSS. Denk hierbij aan landmeten en geodesie, GIS-inwinning, machinesturing en robotisering, mobiele data-inwinning, luchtopnames, mariene toepassingen en deformatiemetingen. Van dm- tot mm-nauwkeurigheid. Klanten van 06-GPS kunnen met slechts één GNSS-ontvanger onbezorgd in heel Nederland en België met de hoogste nauwkeurigheid meten. Veel ingenieursbureaus, overheidsinstellingen, nutsbedrijven en aannemers besparen elke dag tijd en geld door te werken met hun GNSS-ontvanger in combinatie met het onafhankelijke netwerk van 06-GPS.
Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice, we unlock insights from Geo-data to help our clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. We are living in a period of intense and accelerating change. Over the coming decades, population growth, increasing wealth and urbanisation will lead to an increasing demand for energy, water, food, minerals, metals, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure. Also, technology is changing faster than even before. This is affecting virtually every industry, opening up new opportunities for different, more effective ways of working. These global trends also lead to massive challenges for the world, most notably climate change. Therefore the future cannot just be about more; it also has to be about better. The energy mix, infrastructure and built environments have to evolve if tomorrow’s problems are to be tackled successfully. Through our integrated and digital solutions we support clients in dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. Fugro provides the essential data, analysis and advice that our clients rely on to realise and operate their construction projects and infrastructure more safely, sustainably and efficiently. We sometimes play a small role in a client’s project, but it is always critical.
Antea Group
Actuele en betrouwbare gegevens: ze zijn onmisbaar voor organisaties en professionals die werken aan ontwerp, realisatie en beheer van de wereld waarin we wonen, werken en recreëren. De beschikbaarheid van data groeit exponentieel. Maar hoe kom je van data tot waardevolle informatie? Antea Group biedt moderne oplossingen voor het efficiënt inwinnen, beheren en ontsluiten van ruimtelijke data. We adviseren op het gebied van software, techniek, proces en organisatie. Onze opdrachtgevers zijn publieke én private partijen.
At Geodelta, we know that measuring is more than just precision. It is the reliability that counts. Are the measurements correct and have the correct procedures been applied? We are engineering consultants focussed on delivering the best technical advice and software in the fields of geodesy, photogrammetry and laser scanning. We make sure that our clients can trust their measurements. We do this by developing user-friendly software and by providing trusted advice. We are independent, innovative, pragmatic and above all we have a passion for geodesy. Feel free to call us nerds, who do understand communication.
Witteveen + Bos
As an engineering and consultancy firm, we advise and help clients all over the world in resolving today’s complex challenges. With a network of 23 offices in 10 countries and some 1,400 engineers and consultants, we work on improving the human environment for everyone, today and for future generations. Together with our stakeholders, we contribute to social, ecological and economic progress, with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations serving as an inspirational guideline.