Category: Thesis subject proposals

Category: Thesis subject proposals

Ice velocity

Master thesis subject: SAR Interferometry, Ice motion

In this thesis we want to investigate the added value of applying InSAR techniques. The hypothesis is that InSAR is not going to significantly improve the estimation of the large scale component of the ice flow, but that it should expose the small scale structure of the velocity field. InSAR processing is relatively computationally intensive. A possible approach to reduce this cost is to use of available velocity products within the interferometric processing chain. More information can be found in the document below.


Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomography using pairs of crossing-track interferometric acquisitions

Master thesis subject: SAR Tomography
In this M.S. thesis we want to investigate and consolidate an alternative approach that uses a single pair of interferometric acquisitions under crossing tracks. In particular, data acquired over a forest by DLR’s F-SAR airborne system at L-band will be used to image the vertical structure of the forest. Preliminary (quick and dirty) results were already produced and presented, so that it is expected that as output of this thesis, a peer reviewed paper should be published. Aside from consolidating TomoSAR based on crossing tracks acquisitions, the work should help prepare an experimental framework with which the potentials and limitations of the aforementioned mission concepts. More information can be found in the document.


MSc Project at Deltares

Deltares is looking for a student to do a graduation project on making near-real time satellite data available for further use. They are looking for a student that has programming skills, interest in and knowledge of satellite remote sensing, an affinity with large datasets in interdisciplinary research and that is good in communicating in a large group of international researchers. The description of Deltares can be found below.