EE4595 Wavefield Imaging

EE4595 Wavefield imaging – Quarter 4 – 5 ETCS
Short description: This course is suitable for students with a broad interest in the application of imaging and retrieving information about the source or the structure from a wavefield. A lot of mathematics is involved in this course and it is taught through lectures, homework assignments and a final assignment. This course is  taught by Rob Remis and Jorn Zimmerling.

Personal experience of Mariska Koning – 2016

I was looking for a broad course that could be applied in different fields of interest. The remote sensing techniques discussed in the lectures, mostly done by Rob Remis, who is very enthusiastic and fun to listen to, are applicable in radar technics, but also in geophysics, medical imaging, etc. At the end you should be able to retrieve information of the wavefield by inversion problem solutions and also non-linear cases are taken into account. There are tough mathematical homework assignments for which you get one week time to make them. At the end there is a final Matlab assignment, to practise the learnt material on a case that you made up yourself.