AE4872 Satellite orbit determination

AE4872 – Satellite orbit determination – Q1 & Q2 – 6 ECTS
Taught by:  Ernst Schrama, Wouter van der Wal, Pieter Visser

Satellite orbit determination is a course which will run for two periods. The theoretical part will be handled in the first quarter while there is a practical in the second period. The theoretical part of the course has some overlap with the general GRS courses (e.g. atmospheric delay, coordinates, time), but even these overlapping parts will give some new insights. The major part of the course, however, is new for the GRS-student and handles relativity, dynamics, application of the Kalman filter and (some mathematics of) orbit determination itself. It is an interesting course which gives you a good insight in the (basics) of SOD. The practical is also very valuable because during this practical you will work with real satellite data.

The theoretical part contains 4 assignments and an exam at the end of the first quarter. The practical has 4 assignments that are not graded (in the first 4 weeks) which are the basis for the end assignment which results in a ‘fail’ or ‘pass’ for the practical.