ME 41030 (old code ME1140) – 3D Robot Vision

ME41030 (old code ME1140) 3D Robot Vision – Quarter 2 – 3 ETCS
Short description: This course is suitable for students interested in image processing or learning about how to “derive the meanings of a scene through its images or videos (with a focus on 3D)”. This course is taught through lectures and homework assignments, weighted heavily on Matlab. Lectures are given by several professors, all with different specialties: Boris Lenseigne, Aswin Chandarr, Floris Gaisser, and Joris Domhof.

Personal experience of Elizabeth Prentice – 2016

I am really interested in image processing and, although it is a key technique for interpretation of remote sensing images, I did not find opportunities to study this enough within GRS. Of course, image processing can be used for robotic vision, but this course had many other applications that are relatable to satellite imagery and photogrammetry (so don’t let the course title scare you). The course covered stereo imaging, motion tracking, and object recognition to name a few. There were 6 assignments given throughout the quarter that you could work on in a group of up to 3 students. They were quite lengthy and required good Matlab skills, but it wasn’t a problem after my experience in the first year of GRS. I learned a lot from the assignments and actually really enjoyed the satisfaction of developing scripts that could extract useful data from scene images alone.